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Hello there! My name is Amanda – and I am the photographer and owner of Picture Me This Photography LLC!


I am a mother to two beautiful, loving, chaotic girls - that are completely opposite and I love it. They are 16.5 months a part at 4.5 and 6. I have been a stay at home, working mom for 6 years now, they keep me busy!


We've been together almost 8 years. We've got the kids, the house, the pets. Now, we are to be married this year in 2020 - I am excited!


I have an associate's degree from Columbus State CC (go Cougars!) and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from University of Northwestern Ohio (Go Racers!).

I'm also a multi - business owner

I also have a craft and design business, I am a travel agent, and I dabble in blogging and influencer marketing! I don’t like to be bored 😉 I am a stay at home mom full time – working my own businesses allows to me to have such a life and take care of our girls. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing me to be your photographer and allowing me to live this way!

Eight Nine Designs

Opened in 2015. I am a craftswoman and designer. Providing custom, uniquely designed apparel, handmade gifts, indoor and outdoor signs, tumblers and various drinkware, and various other decor items. I have ready to order items as well as make custom items on demand for any personal or business occasion. Ship to anywhere in the USA. Email or message us for quotes and information today!

A+ Adventures Travel Agency

I became an Independent Travel Agent in 2019. Helping you book the perfect get away for you and yours! Whether it’s hotel, car rentals, flights, or booking a cruise – business or personal – we got you covered!


Lifestyle blog about being a mother, entrepreneur, and multitasking life. Sharing products and how to’s. Bringing humor, tips, and inspiration to your day.
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My favorite colors are orange, lime green, and purple.

Family and God mean everything to me. Without them, I am nothing. I truly value every precious moment I get to share with them.

As your photographer: I will fix your hair, tell you if you have something in your teeth, laugh with you, joke with you, and enjoy my time with you, all of you. I truly love my job and bringing people together, or just capturing life’s milestones.

I’m pretty laid back, but at the same time a perfectionist – I like to have everything planned out ahead of time so it’s not stressful.

I do not stress or freak out under pressure. I am one of those weird people that thrive in it. So, you never have to worry, I will always be the calm in the storm.

Growing up, every where I went I had a camera in hand – literally. You could always count on me to get photos. I guess some things never change. 🙂

Coffee and ice creams are must haves in life. Just putting that out there.

My love for photography started at a young age when I aspired to be on the cover of National Geographic - I mean, we all can dream, right? I would love looking through my dad's subscription of all the most wonderful pictures.

My mom used to photograph weddings for all her friends, and people they knew, and I would tag along and help. She also made their wedding cakes and worked a day and night job - so if you wonder where I get my work ethic (ding ding lol), she's to blame.

I truly fell in love with photography when I took a Black and White Photography course in college and learned how to develop my own film - and our professor was amazing. I learned a whole new appreciation for the work and how precious it is. Watching it come alive right in front of my eyes was astonishing.

I have played sports my entire life, literally – you name it – soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, sand volleyball (my favorite), across a variety of levels. I have coached competitively and little league. You could say I understand the definition of teamwork and how important communication is. These values have really helped me in my adult years when it comes to all aspects of life. I am very upfront about things – so if you ever have a question – don’t hesitate!

Photos mean a lot to me. Sometimes, that's all you have left of someone, so it's important to just TAKE the picture. Your size doesn't matter, what you're wearing won't matter (okay, maybe try to match lol). The ONLY thing that will matter is 20 years down the road when you can pull out that photo and a grin comes across your face, maybe a tear of joy, and you can remember a time in your life that is no longer here, with people that may no longer be here. That's what photos mean to me.

Thank you for visiting my page and learning a little bit about me. I’d love to be your photographer and learn about you! So give me a buzz, send me an email, and we’ll talk soon! 

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